Welcome To How To Almanac! 09/20/2010

  How To Almanac

I decided to start HowToAlmanac.com to spread my wealth of knowledge about how to repair everyday items. I grew up on a small farm in Florida. You learn a lot growing up on a farm. I can and have repaired just about everything. I do know my limits, and I'll tell you them right up front. You can ask anyone I know, I can't seam carpet. I don't know why, but I've tried about four times, and just can't do it.

My dad always says you can't get out of trouble until you get into trouble. So, if it's broken, you might as well try and fix it.

Another section of HowToAlmanac.com is me getting my frustrations with fellow Americans, not America, off my chest. Don't get angry, they're just some of my thoughts and opinions. I think you'll have to admit when you read them, that I'm not to far off.

Scott Kevin Kyle

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